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Sky Garden- Best Flats Available On Airport Road

Here we are again with another luxurious apartment for you. After JLPL Falcon view and Marabella Grand, we present you Sky Garden.

If by any chance you have missed our previous blogs then here are the links to it. Now, let’s have a look at the essential things which should be in your apartment and the good news is Sky Garden has all the things to offer you.

The very first thing to look for while buying a luxury flat in Mohali is what you are getting along with the flat. Here are a few facilities which you will get if you choose the Sky Garden.

1) Swimming Pool

2) Reading Lounge

3) Changing Area

4) Terrace Garden

5) Grocery Shop

6) Banquet Hall

7) Sun Deck

8) Pool Table

9) Wi-Fi Connectivity

With all these, you will get the luxurious feels. Here are a few other things which you should consider while choosing a flat.

1) Proximity to essential areas

Always choose the flat which has proximity to essential areas such as school, hospital, grocery store, pharmaceutical, and so. This will help you to reach at the time of any emergency.

2) Amenities

Few amenities are must in every society such as staircase, elevators, security, and such things. Sky Garden is providing you with all the above-mentioned amenities along with 3BHK or 4BHK luxurious flats.

3) Light and ventilation

Light and ventilation is another factor which you should consider while making your final decision. As it will add more comfort to your living.

Just imagine on one side there is an apartment which has darkness and humidity and on the other side, there is light and ventilated house. Obviously, you will choose the second one.

The spacious, light-filled and ventilated house has a positive aura and it makes the people happy.

4) Mobile network

The time has come when you can live without proper water supply for a few days but can’t go without a mobile network for a single day. So, while choosing the flat don’t forget to check the mobile network coverage.

Make sure there is sufficient network coverage in the flat if you are opting for a higher floor.

So, if you want to avail all the benefits of luxurious flats at a prime location then B-Desk is here to offer you best deals. BDesk is the most professional real estate developers and trusted agents in Mohali. Get in touch with us now.

And if you are looking forward to having more options then stay tuned.

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