Property Portfolio is a collection of various kinds of property investments that are owned by an individual or a group or a company. Property portfolio serves as an investment option from multiple sources at a time, which becomes helpful in generating high income regularly.

Over the years, mode of investments has changed and many new innovative investment tools have come to existence and have their own benefits and demerits. Property investment has always been considered as safe method of investment. It has seen many new innovative ideas coming into the same investment type. Earlier people used to purchase one property as an investment, now with the evolution in the innovative ideas and expertise in the methods of investment in properties, now people invest in multiple properties of different types and get a regular source of incomes from all the bunch of property investment held by them.

Why to have a property investment portfolio?

There are numerous benefits of having a property investment portfolio because it becomes very hard to achieve your financial goal and freedom with just one property investment in your pocket. Although an investment in one property is considered to be good, but if your financial goal is to get regular income from property, then holding just one property may be a bad idea. Multiple property investment gives you an option of multiple rental income and other form of incomes regularly without much effort.


•It helps you to diversify your funds in property to achieve your financial goals.

•You get a regular source of Income.

•Increases Profitability and good return on investment.

•A Property Portfolio gives you a chance to get your financial freedom earlier than other sources of investment.


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Investing in property is a huge task, and investing in multiple properties is even more gigantic task. To take such critical decisions, it is important to have an expert portfolio manager who can render all the services. We at BDESK, provide you all your property investment portfolio solution under one roof and provide you the best available guidance as per the research and experience of our skilled team. We have been among the top financial consultants in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali which has been our greatest achievement. This has been possible due to our dedication and commitment towards ethical business practises and belief in attaining customer satisfaction.

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