Real Estate sector is no more a sector of traditional buyers and sellers; it is lot more than that. It has become a blend and a mix of all the sectors and has much more potential than any other sector in our country. Real estate sector has now become well regulated. Recently reforms in real estate sector has made this sector worth reliable and more organised than it was few years ago.

India has already made its way into top 10 real estate markets and the growth in real estate sector has been galloping due to the surge in demand from urban, rural and commercial sectors.

Real estate sector has been dented multiple times by number of scams and frauds. People have lost their faith and now customers are taking lot of care in making any real Estate transactions easily. This is all due to lack of professionalism and misunderstanding of the core values of real estate industry.

Ethical values and professionalism has been one of the most important core values of BDESK and this is the true reason why we have been among top property consultants in Chandigarh region. We have bulk of satisfied customers and our think tank feels that this professionalism and ethics should be the core part of every real estate broker and consultant.

To put forward the idea of effective property portfolio management, BDesk has launched “Real Estate Training Programme” that aims to bring professionalism among every single worker in real estate sector. Our basic aim is to create entrepreneurs those perform all their workings through transparent and ethical practices with best property portfolio strategy.


“Vision is to teach you how to create wealth, multiplying it and taking it to all new levels where you become an expert enough to start your own business by the end of this course.”

This program is a full set of all kinds of workings that our potential entrepreneur is likely to deal in his day to day transactions. This program covers all the minor and major points starting from property documentation to legal aspects of the property. Main points covered under this program are as follows:


• Minimum high school pass out


This programme has following modules:

• Introduction to Real estate sector including its valuation and future potentials

• Effective marketing and selling techniques.

• Investment Theories

• Broking concepts

• Legal compliance studies with practical legal case studies

• Ethical values of Real Estate transactions

• Entrepreneurship Skills

• Project Management rules and property portfolio strategy.

• Personality development and advanced communication skills


• In-depth understanding of Real Estate Sector

• Enhanced communication and client handling skills

• Expertise in networking and client making

• Confidence in dealing with professionals like doctors, lawyers and CAs.

• Well established real estate consultant and expertise in property portfolio management

• Lifelong support from BDesk team

• Carrier support and placement help by BDesk team


• Residential real estate broker

• Commercial real estate broker

• Real estate appraiser

• Property Manager

• Real estate investment consultant

• Project development expert